ACE Artists – Typography

As part of our Art unit term term, the children explored, discussed and created, what might be, Mars surface. The children knew from their work around Curosity (the rover) and Space, what Mars’ surface might look like. Moving onto the next lesson, we will further explore our ideas with relief and modroc work!

ACE Readers – Library Visit

5P thoroughly enjoyed their local visit to Moor Allerton Library. We met a librarian and discussed our favourite books. She also talked us through how to find books in a library and what systems are used. The children then were given a opportunity to explore the children’s section of the library and reas a book!

ACE Mathematicians – Concrete Learning

5P have been flourishing in their Decimal and Percentages unit. The children’s understanding has evolved through the power of concrete manipulatives. Here, they’re exploring percentages and their equivalent in decimals and fractions. 5P made fabulous links in this unit and this shone through in their fantastic post unit assessment!

ACE Writers – Editors

5P have flourished using the CUPS editing method this week. Here, you can see the children working in pairs to edit a whole class writing example, after watching the teacher-modelled version of this strategy for editing. Following this, the children had time to work through their hot write with a partner. Being systematic in their editing, allowed for high-quality final writing pieces. Well done 5P!


Our PSHE lesson this week focused on our big question for this half term: can you grow from adversity? The children looked at challenging situations such as COVID-19 and Year 6/SATS. We explored how to can positively grow in the face of difficult situations.